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Participate in the ‘Double Bubble’ of Love

It takes a “huge” heart to see through the eyes of someone that is in a prison cell. Temba Spirit, author of a new book, How to Reclaim Your Innocence: Remembering the Love Beauty Within, has launched an online initiative to assist incarcerated prisoners by creating a “‘Double Bubble’ of Love,” as he calls it. By means of people purchasing a copy of his book and sending it to an inmate, he hopes to inspire them to take his message to heart and experience a life-changing transformation that will keep them from returning to crime. In addition, Temba states that 100 percent of the book’s proceeds will go toward Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Temba relates that when he was a convicted gang member and prisoner, “I used to cuddle with my spiritual books at night, just as a child cuddles with their favorite stuffed animal. In prison, books are like gold, and spiritual books are like platinum.”

His book has been endorsed by spokespersons that include Michael Beckwith, Janet Attwood, Marci Shimoff, Shajen Joy Aziz, Dr. Elizabeth Lambaer, Cathryn Taylor, Marci Cole, Janice Christopher, Willetta Frizzle and Terri Shaughnassy.

To participate, visit You must “join” the Facebook event in order to receive the prison address. By law, the publisher will send the book directly to the prison; you will not be responsible for mailing the book or have any direct contact with a prison or inmates. More information is available on the website.