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Five Phase Wellness Center becomes AcuHealth Associates of Wicker Park

Evanston’s Five Phase Wellness Center is moving and rebranding to provide evidence-based alternative medicine as AcuHealth Associates of Wicker Park, at 1121 North Ashland, in Wicker Park. The center is well known for client-centered holistic healthcare in the treatment of chronic disease, pain and stress relief, relaxation and weight loss.

Using wellness assessments and longevity care planning sessions, Wellness Director Dr. Ryan Lombardo takes an investigative approach in discovering the sources of each client’s health issues. AcuHealth’s experienced team of credentialed providers is able to customize healthcare solutions that are tailored to each client.

AcuHealth services are holistic, integrative and clinically beneficial. Unlike most alternative care offices, AcuHealth services begin with thorough, standardized assessments to establish credible baseline levels of health and disease, and then prove their worth via improved function, reduced discomfort and enhanced well-being, all documented throughout the course of care. AcuHealth also educates patients about how to prevent related disease and prolong wellness.

For more information, call 847-905-0440 or visit or