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Natural Awakenings Chicago

Gain Insights into Nutrition, Wellness and Your Health

Dec 26, 2012 11:59AM

Kalohe Dick Keller, M.D.

Kalohe Dick Keller, M.D., a retired physician and practicing wellness coach, is forming a monthly conversational series, beginning from 7 to 9 p.m., January 15, at Re-Born Massage and Wellness, in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, giving participants the tools to build nutrition and wellness. Guests are free to attend one session or all of them.

The topic of the first program is Cardiovascular Positive Nutrition. Learn how nutrition can make a difference, that ice cream isn’t really the “scoop of death”, and that cardiovascular problems are not inevitable.

Keller states that he has seen too many preventable deaths from coronary arteries clogged by the standard American diet (SAD). He knows that focusing on nutrition can help people improve their nutrition and aid their innate healing abilities.

Location: 1022 Weiland Rd. For more information, call 224-545-0974 or visit