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Club Divine Provides a New Way of Celebrating

At a Club Divine event, located in the Bodhi Spiritual Center, patrons start the evening with a spiritual teaching, do some chanting, relax into deep meditation, receive the Oneness Blessing and then party.

Club Divine was originated by Chicago DJ Tazdeen “Taz” Rashid, with the intention of deepening our connection to source and self through movement, healing, community and really great positive high-energy dance music.  Rashid has been involved in events such as Bhakti Fest, Yoga Rave and Wide Awake Conference, partnering with BrilliantlyMad, Lightworkers Midwest Conference, Envisioning the World Transformed and area art galleries.

Parties take place once a month, with meditation at 7 p.m. and festivities at 9 p.m., including January 18 and February 15. With percussive DJs, lasers, beautiful visuals, live painting, acrobatic yoga, a healing sanctuary and a chill room to relax and experience live music, participants will dance, heal and connect with a beautiful spiritual dance community.

Location: 2748 N. Magnolia Ave., Chicago. Admission $10 with RSVP ( or $15 at door. For more information, call 773-678-9346 or email [email protected].