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Dr. Patawaran Joins Raby Institute

Jan 28, 2013 05:53PM

Dominic Patawaran, M.D.

The Raby Institute for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern has added Primary Care Integrative Physician Dominic Patawaran, M.D., to their staff. He practiced family medicine for 13 years in Los Angeles and completed an integrative medicine fellowship under Dr. Andrew Weil, in Tucson, Arizona, and understands the value of integrative medicine in promoting health and enhancing conventional medicine.

Patawaran joined the institute because of its bio-psycho-social approach. His desire to heal illness and ease suffering, while recognizing the whole individual, became a natural extension of his passion for holistic healing. By incorporating functional medicine evaluations, testing and treatments, including the use of nutricuticals, herbs and homeopathic remedies, Patawaran, working with a full team of integrative providers, combines the best of science-based Western medicine with the time-tested, holistic healing approaches of ancient cultures.

Location: 500 N. Michigan Ave., Ste. 450, Chicago. To schedule an appointment or integrative consultation with Dr. Patawaran, call 312-276-1212. For more information about classes, visit