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Oil Pulling Detoxification Ritual

Oil pulling is described in ancient ayurvedic texts and is known to modern-day oncologists and bacteriologists as a form of detoxification to treat some systemic diseases and improve oral health.

On an empty stomach, take one tablespoon of vegetable oil (sunflower, sesame, coconut, etc.) and move it around the mouth for 15 to 20 minutes. Do not swallow the oil, because it becomes toxic after combining with enzymes present in the mouth and drawing toxins out of the bloodstream. The oil will change in color and consistency. Spit it out and brush teeth afterward. The practice may also lead to less bleeding of the gums and whiter teeth.

If there are any metal restorations (especially any silver-mercury fillings) in the mouth, consult a dentist and/or physician prior to oil pulling.

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