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Ohana Provides Services for Expectant Families

Jocelyn Alt, a certified doula who found that many of her clients experience a great deal of stress and uncertainty during their pregnancies and that existing resources are inadequate, has started Ohana, a new maternity and parenting service devoted to creating a nurturing community for new and expectant parents in the Chicago area. The word ohana means family in Hawaiian, and refers to one’s inner circle of family and close friends.

Services include childbirth classes to answer the questions most important to expecting parents and facilitate conversation and connection among other parents at the same stage of pregnancy; doulas, or birthing assistants, hired directly by couples to provide personalized informational and emotional support during pregnancy and labor; concierge services, including consultations about choosing an obstetrician or midwife; diet planning during pregnancy; decision-making assistance for tests and other choices during pregnancy and new parenting; and breastfeeding advice.

With Ohana, every parent has a community of support that empowers, nourishes and inspires them to enjoy pregnancy and parenthood to the fullest and to become the kind of mother or father they strive to be.

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