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Heaven Meets Earth Yoga: Finding Your Calm

Feb 26, 2013 10:47AM ● By Megy Karydes

Photo: Heaven Meets Earth

Walk into Heaven Meets Earth Yoga, in Evanston, and you’ll instantly feel a sense of calm. Take off your shoes and socks and let your toes feel the warmth of the bamboo wood. Inhale deeply and allow the music to penetrate your soul. Head over to the eco-boutique to smell the wonderful assortment of fragrant candles, touch the bolster pillows, try on the yoga clothing or spiritual message jewelry and feel the warmth of the natural fibers of the pajamas.

For what may seem at first glance a simple studio space, Lisa Faremouth Weber, founder of the yoga center and education space and yogini goddess who often goes by her spiritual name of Sat Inder Kaur, will be the first to tell you it’s anything but simple.

Creating Heaven Meets Earth Yoga was a very deliberate process, from the eco-friendly choices she made by using bamboo for flooring, low- and no-VOC paint for the walls and recycling bins throughout. She chooses locally made items for her eco-boutique whenever possible, but if that’s not an option, her checklist includes whether the items are organic or include natural fibers, are fair trade sourced or share a spiritual message that will resonate with her students.

“Heaven Meets Earth Yoga allows people to fulfill their dharma on the planet,” says Weber. While the yoga and meditation classes are part of it, the center’s eco-boutique provides a retail aspect that supports people’s processes.

“Your energy field is affected by what you wear, so I stock apparel with natural fibers, such as eco-friendly yoga wear or organic pajamas,” she adds. To support a lifestyle that is close to the Earth and promotes healthy well-being, she also offers essential oils, yoga statues, chakra-related jewelry, CDs, books and cards with spiritual messages.

“Some of our customers are looking for items that will lift the spirits of friends like those that are undergoing cancer treatments or going through a divorce," she adds. “The eco-boutique is a local gem for our community, and I want people to know you don’t have to travel far to find these types of items.”

Offering these products and classes was part of Weber’s original plan, and even the location was carefully thought out. “I decided to locate Heaven Meets Earth Yoga in northwest Evanston so local residents could either walk or bike here,” she says.

Realizing we’re all living in a very wired and busy world, she wanted to create a local haven that “helps people calm their nervous system so they can access their true self,” she adds.

The center has classes for kids and families, too. “We offer classes for the children of the New Earth,” says Weber. “These kids are highly sensitive; their needs are different, they’re wired differently today than how kids grew up decades ago.” Weber says she wanted to create a space where children could come in, take off their shoes and use yoga to help them manage their anxiety, depression, weight or self-esteem issues.

Weber’s vision for Heaven Meets Earth Yoga is about community. In addition to the yoga and meditation classes, which are led by some of the most gifted practitioners available, it hosts a thriving eco-boutique and appearances by local, national and international authorities, book authors and leaders. 

To learn more about Heaven Meets Earth Yoga, located at 2746 Central St., in Evanston, call 847-475-1500 or visit

Megy Karydes is a freelance writer who is constantly seeking calm in her life. She recently launched a travel and lifestyle website to encourage people to try new adventures. Find her at