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Wrapping Up For Good Health

Apr 25, 2013 05:12PM ● By Dr. Kim Martin, DC, BCIM

Many Americans are facing a personal health crisis because they want to sleep better and increase energy at work, which allows them to be less toxic, lose weight and improve health by means of treatments like a body wrap. According to the World Health Organization, the incidence of overweight Americans has doubled since 1980. If we continue at that rate, 68 percent of us will be overweight by 2030, and that’s troubling because it also makes us more vulnerable to a variety of health problems.

People generally recognize the value of a good diet and regular exercise, but there is more we can do to improve our health. Body wraps can assist in detoxification, increased energy levels, cellulite reduction and overall health, as well as lead to weight loss. A study at the UCLA Medical Center determined that not all body wraps provide the same results. One type of wrap–those that include niacin—seem to offer very positive results.

Niacin-based body wraps are a type of beauty treatment that involves the application of skin-cleansing ingredients to the body, which is then wrapped in hot towels. Niacin-based body wraps have shown to increase circulation and lymphatic flow, and are meant for patients that suffer from diabetes or any disease that inhibits proper circulation. Another benefit is the cleansing of tissues and a reduction in cellulite.

It is not true that cellulite only develops in those that are overweight. Even thin people can have cellulite, a toxic condition that’s best described as uneven deposits of water, fat and toxins that become trapped under the connective tissue below the skin’s surface. It’s often found combined with edema (swelling) and a lack of circulation.

Cellulite can result from diet, the way a body burns energy, hormonal changes and dehydration. Poor lifestyle choices can make cellulite appear worse over time. An individual may even have a genetic predisposition toward its accumulation.

The biggest factor behind cellulite formation is poor blood circulation from lack of exercise, excessive sitting, clogged arteries or a nutrient deficiency. Toxins and putrefied material stored in the colon are carried into the connective tissue, where they are deposited and form cellulite.

One of the healthiest ways to prevent or reduce cellulite or detoxify is by receiving a niacin-based body wrap, which increases circulation and lymphatic flow by cleansing tissues. To permanently eliminate cellulite, treatments start by detoxifying the liver, and also detoxify externally through the skin via perspiration.

A niacin-based body wrap helps reverse the cellulite formation cycle by stimulating the body’s own lymph elimination functions. The lymph system gathers toxins, bacteria, viruses, germs and other harmful substances and moves them out of the body. Unfortunately, the lymph system can be inhibited by poor eating habits and lack of exercise.

When an herbal formula is taken with this wrap, it works on both the inside and outside of the skin, and the niacin wrap cleanses the liquid waste. It aids in removing cellulite by softening, breaking down and freeing the trapped toxins through normal body functions. This helps restore the skin’s elasticity, and does not dehydrate or age the skin.

Other common types of body wraps can also aid in detoxification. Salt solution and mineral salt wraps promote the elimination of toxins and water internally and externally, but may also dehydrate and age the skin through water loss. Clay wraps draw impurities from the skin, but might also dehydrate and age the skin.

One category of wrap is not recommend, because it shrinks the cells of moisture and encourages water loss that ages the skin. The main ingredient of many of these creams contain aminophyllin; this is actually a chemical used in asthma medication. It helps shrink the mucous membranes so a person can breathe better. This is what is happening with the wrap; it will shrink the cells of any moisture which in turn, encourages water loss, and this can be the most damaging of the different types of body wraps, because it is putting a chemical substance into the body.

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