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Libertyville Massage Therapy Provides Yoga and Tuning Fork Therapies

Yoga is a mindful practice that incorporates awareness, physical posture, breathing and relaxation. Libertyville Massage Therapy Clinic offers yoga therapy, which tailors these practices to the individual in order to address pain, stress and misalignments within the physical and emotional body.

Sessions may include elements of restorative yoga, yin yoga, breathing exercises, modified yoga postures to address alignment, sensory awareness training and meditation.

Chakra Balancing through tuning fork therapy is a sound and vibrational healing modality used to balance energy in the body, says owner Jan O’Malley. It has the power to provide stress relief and pain reduction, in addition to an overall sense of wellness and balance.

Sessions include an individual assessment of imbalances and provide relief through use of tuning forks and a complement of essential oils. This type of therapy is perfect for anyone in physical or emotional pain, or just feeling out of balance. Because tuning fork therapy is vibrational, rather than physical, it is perfect for those sensitive to touch or pressure.

Location: 128 Newberry Ave., Libertyville. For more information or to make an appointment, call 47-680-0077 or visit