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Perinchery to Appear in Chicago During July

Bhashkar Perinchery

Bhashkar Perinchery, mystic, Inner Metamorphosis University (IMU) initiator and international teacher, will offer his unconditional love, inspirations and teachings on how to live a full and thriving life by cultivating the 3 C’s: Consciousness, Compassion and Creativity, from July 5 to 14.

This is a rare opportunity to lighten our load, move in a new way and create the peace that we have been seeking. Open up to the possibilities of a fully lived life with Perinchery through a private session, talk, workshop or meditation retreat.

Events take place at the IMU (July 5-talk; July 6-workshop; July 7-meetings) and Yoga Now (July 7-talk), in Chicago, and in Ontario, Wisconsin (July 9 to 14-retreat).

Location: IMU, 1418 W. Howard St., Chicago; Yoga Now, 742 N. LaSalle, Chicago. For more information, call 773-262-1468 or visit