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Bobik Finds and Treats Food Intolerances

Dr. Kristen Bobik

Food intolerances cause health problems ranging from digestive issues to headaches, fatigue, skin problems and allergies. To help patients identify potential food intolerances, Balance Chiropractic and Wellness (The Balance Doc), of Hoffman Estates, is offering food sensitivity testing in their office. A simple blood test will identify sensitivities to foods, medicines, herbs, molds and more.

Dr. Kristen Bobik, DC, is a chiropractic physician and founder of The Balance Doc. She is board-certified in acupuncture, with a specialty in food intolerance testing, and places a heavy focus on nutrition when working with her practice members.

Bobik also leads interactive health workshops and teaches classes on alternative healthcare. She has now launched a Prevention and Wellness Business Program that takes a four-tiered, scalable approach for using real healthcare in corporate problem solving.

Location: 2500 W. Higgins Rd., Ste. 420, Hoffman Estates. For more information, call 847-310-0303 or visit