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Dahn Yoga Hosts Inspirational Documentary Screening

Dahn Yoga & Health Centers, in association with LifeParticleTV, will host a national screening tour from May to August of CHANGE: The LifeParticle Effect, an intriguing documentary film produced by LifeParticle TV. The Chicago area event will take place from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., July 14, at Evanston Township High School. The CHANGE Tour features an inspirational talk by Dahn Yoga founder and bestselling author Ilchi Lee, who is also the executive producer and creative inspiration of the documentary.

The film features the LifeParticles philosophy and offers a fresh perspective on who we are as human beings and of what we are capable. Enlightening new perspectives combine modern physics and neuroscience with mind-body wisdom to create practical concepts for real change. That is the LifeParticle Effect. Thought leaders that include Neale Donald Walsch, Lee, Dr. Stuart Hameroff and Dr. Mariale Hardiman share their insights about how to affect real change in our lives and in the world in the movie.

For tickets and information, call Kelly Moretta at 847-562-9642 or visit