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Learn How to Laugh at Life’s Troubles

A couple left an event at a friend’s house one day, got into someone else’s car and tried to drive it away. To hear the rest of this true story and find out why it was comical instead of criminal, attend the program Cayce and Comedy, with Joyce Tumea. Learn why we should lighten up, and how to do it more often and more easily, from 3 to 6 p.m., July 14, at the Edgar Cayce Holistic Center in Unity Northwest Church, in Des Plaines. A pizza party will follow.

We know humor lowers stress levels. This program will remind us of the benefits to being “of good cheer,” in relation to Edgar Cayce’s own comments on the subject. It will also cover definitions and types of comedy, and include some exercises to help participants find any humor that might be present in apparently humorless situations. Attendees will be treated to entertainment —song and dance without the danc­and some true, funny stories. All are invited to bring a politically correct short, funny anecdote or joke.

Tumea hosts a local cable TV talk show that has counted Cayce biographer Sidney Kirkpatrick and healer Malcolm Smith among her guests.

Admission is $25. Location: 259 E. Central Rd. For more information and registration, call 847-299-6535.