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Empowering Families to Lead Healthier and Happier Lives

Jul 25, 2013 12:15PM ● By Megy Karydes

Children diagnosed with sensory disorders like ADHD often feel something is wrong with them, having to visit therapist after therapist and often being treated with medication. Samana Jasper, founder of KidzNMoms Natural Health Care, in Northfield, believes children are great just as they are, and she works to empower healthy families through a combination of energy work, family coaching and yoga.

Jasper recounts a patient with Asperger’s Syndrome whose parents brought her in because she had been on medication and they were working to wean her off it. “I began seeing the child once a week, and through energy work, yoga exercises and breathing tools, she learned to better handle her anger and control issues,” she says. “The common [Western medicine] approach to treating many chronic behavioral or sensory disorders like ADHD or Asperger’s is to medicate,” says Jasper. “My approach provides parents an alternative to traditional medicine. By balancing coaching, energy work and therapeutic yoga, we can help the body perform better naturally.”

With children in particular, she’s careful to use spoken language and body language to let them know there is nothing wrong with them. “I want to make sure they know that they aren’t here to get fixed,” she notes. “No matter what is going on in their body, I want them to feel loved and accepted. I tell them they have amazing energy and we just have to work on focusing that energy. I want to teach them how to become more aware of the potential within them so they can lead healthier and happier lives.” Jasper counts a third of her patients as children and another third as parents (mostly moms). The rest are adults interested in working with her on alternative solutions, especially energy work.

Jasper focuses on children and families because she can see firsthand how her work benefits them. A parent’s energy affects their child. The child’s energy affects the parent. According to Jasper, we can shift the energy and create the health we desire. “I’ve been in the healing profession for over 25 years,” she says. “As a teenager, I studied physical therapy because I wanted to help people walk again. I wanted to help people be healthy and feel good about their bodies.”

Jasper discovered yoga in the last 10 years and immediately began noticing how much more balanced she felt, both in her mind and body. Her passion for living healthy naturally quickly extended to teaching others, especially children and families. “I love teaching kids and families how to experience body and mind awareness,” adds Jasper. She often includes simple yoga poses and breathing techniques to build health and harmony in their bodies and homes. “Teaching them these techniques can help them to lead healthier and happier lives.”

Jasper is particularly fond of energy work, which can be done in her office space or via Skype. “Other than the tapping part, which I can teach someone to do themselves, energy work can easily be done virtually from anywhere in the world,” she says. “The goal of energy work is to bring to light all of this underlying energy that you may not see,” she adds. “Energy work can help heal certain conditions and builds your health. Energy is shifting from the inside out, and I’m simply creating the space for them to experience it themselves.”

Depending on the circumstances, Jasper may see patients once or twice a week for six to eight weeks. Visits become less frequent as they begin to feel better and learn how to incorporate the energy and awareness techniques into their daily lives to notice their own powerful transformation. “The work I do reaches at the underlying layers of physical conditions and helps bodies heal themselves,” Jasper says. “I get results with clients and I love sharing what I know with them, because I love seeing happy and healthy families.”

Jasper is finishing up a yoga activity book with a CD of children’s songs she produced, and often performs at neighborhood festivals and yoga studios throughout the North Shore. For those curious about her work, she encourages them to attend her events and to experience a half-hour family yoga and music class. She also writes a weekly health blog for moms with insights for self-care, parenting and natural health.

“I’m passionate about empowering healthy families, and I believe simple shifts in energy and awareness can bring powerful transformation,” says Jasper. “I love what I do and am excited to share it. It’s great to see happy and healthy families.”

To learn more about KidzNMoms, located at 466 Central Ave., Ste. 23, in Northfield, call 847-999-4885 or visit

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