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Dr. LeRoy to Discuss Promising New ForeCYTE Breast Cancer Test

Dr. Nick LeRoy

Dr. Nicholas LeRoy, director of the Illinois Center for Progressive Health, will discuss a new, non-invasive breast test that can identify both cancer and pre-cancerous changes in the breast at 11 a.m., November 2. LeRoy has specialized in women’s health, including the use of breast thermography and natural therapies for HPV, since 1995.

Known as the ForeCYTE test, this very early diagnostic tool uses a breast pump to obtain a small sample of fluid through the nipple of each breast. The fluid is then sent to a lab, where as few as 10 abnormal cells can be found (mammograms can only detect tumors containing at least 100 million cells).

Although the test can accurately identify cancer, the goal is to find precancerous changes in the ducts of the breast known as atypical ductal hyperplasia. If found, a woman will know that she is at risk for the future development of cancer and can implement a breast cancer prevention strategy, as well as screen diligently with additional testing such as thermography.

Admission is free with registration (required) at 312-243-3338. Location: 1002 W. Lake St., Chicago.