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Natural Awakenings Chicago

Experience Energy Healing with David Jepsen

Oct 25, 2013 11:32AM

David Jepsen

David Jepsen has been working with energy and its transformative powers for the last four years, including becoming a Reiki master/teacher, studying Matrix Energetics through level 4, and Emotional Freedom Technique. Today, he uses his healing gifts to help others heal and feel better.

During a typical phone session, Jepsen discusses what the client would like to shift, and then connects to the situation or person on an energetic level to change patterns. Sometimes useful images and phrases show up intuitively, which are then shared with the client. The client’s job during the session is to be aware of their physical body and feel any kind of sensations or changes.

Many times, doing a transformation in relation to a person’s spiritual purpose will be tied to ongoing physical issues which have been blamed on age or sports injuries. While many physical issues can instantaneously change, others can take days or weeks to unravel after a session.

For more information, call 773-636-2682 or email [email protected].