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Documenting the Earth’s Last Hours in New Internet Film

Oct 25, 2013 11:31AM

Endorsed by Al Gore and Robert Kennedy, Jr., a new documentary film written and narrated by Thom Hartmann, Last Hours, is about the most extreme possible outcome of global warming. Filmmaker Leila Conners illustrates how our planet has nearly died before and why we may be facing another such episode in the near future.

Five times in the deep geologic history of planet Earth, massive quantities of greenhouse gases have been released through the Earth’s crust. One was provoked by a meteorite strike and others by tectonic and volcanic activity. In each case, these massive releases of greenhouse gases warmed the planet enough to cause global mass extinctions—the death of more than half of all life. The film documents how the current path of global warming is creating similar conditions.

Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club, says, “Last Hours is an alarming video that captures the state of emergency we face with climate disruption—yet at the same time, we must recognize that there is real hope: the clean energy industry is rapidly growing, we are making headway in reducing carbon pollution and by working together, we can turn things around.”

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