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Using Herbs to Heal Topical Skin Conditions

Oct 25, 2013 11:31AM

Skin conditions and their causes—be it chemical exposure or viral, fungal or bacterial infections—can be very difficult to diagnose and challenging to resolve. Without extensive testing, the exact cause can be very elusive, and a simple rash can become a big problem. However, according to traditional herbology, an herbal salve made from specific plant parts will tackle just about any skin infection or rash; this excludes psoriasis, which actually is an immune system disorder, rather than a topical skin problem.

Certain herbs used externally are known to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses and help the body to repair damaged skin by increasing the cell proliferation rate and relieving the itch and pain. Poke root, chaparral, blood root, neem, burdock and humic acid kill pathogens with very low risk of harm or irritation in most people. Calendula, aloe vera and comfrey are used to heal damaged skin by providing nutrients to keep skin cells healthy and increase the rate at which skin cells are replaced. White willow bark and arnica Montana provide pain relief, while calendula, St. John’s wort and chickweed suppress inflammation and reduce itching.

Herbal extracts can be blended into topical salves that enable a holistic, natural approach to eliminating skin conditions and enable the skin to heal.

Steven Frank is an innovative herbalist and owner of For references and information, call 800-991-7088.