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Chicago’s Arya Bhavan Features Vegan Menu, Thanksgiving Specials

Oct 25, 2013 11:31AM

Serving fresh meals for 15 years, Arya Bhavan is Chicago’s oldest healthy Indian restaurant, and is now 100 percent vegan. Arya Bhavan prepares their dishes with no GMOs, MSG, artificial flavors, canned food, saturated fator refined sugar. Their chefs use low-sodium pure Himalayan salt, organic fruits and vegetables, organic brown rice and unbleached and organic flour.

Enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving feast from Arya Bhavan. This year’s Thanksgiving Dinner special, available from November 28 to December 1 for $20 per person, includes an appetizer, an Arya Bhavan signature entrée, seasoned organic brown rice seasoned with raisins, vegan naan bread, vegan/raw/gluten-free pumpkin pie and vegan Indian tea. Order in advance for holiday pick-up at the restaurant, or eat Thanksgiving dinner in Arya Bhavan’s dining room.

Their healthy vegan food at-home packages include breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks for $250 per person for six days or $300  per person for seven days per week for one month. Customers on the program have reported significant weight loss, with a commensurate increase in energy and mental clarity and better skin and hair health. Also available are monthly vegan/raw/gluten-free cooking classes. Detox programs include a quick, four-day juice detox and full 14-day or 28-day programs that include expert consultation, herbs, supplements, juices and meals.

Arya Bhavan also provides full-service catering for events of up to 3,000 people. Dine-in, take out and delivery are available. Location: 2508 W. Devon Ave., Chicago. For more information, call 773-274-5800 or visit