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New Gardening Book Makes Growing Your Own Food Easy

Nov 26, 2013 11:23AM

A new book from the Chicago nonprofit Peterson Garden Project, Fearless Food Gardening in Chicagoland: A Month-by-Month Growing Guide for Beginners, is all about urban gardening, with advice from real, locally grown community gardeners on how to successfully grow your own food in your backyard, patio pot or community garden plot.

Since 2010, the Peterson Garden Project has taught thousands of people how to grow their own food. This book delivers all of the educational programming and knowhow from their community gardening experience in a format that is easy to read, understand and apply. “Grewbie” (growing newbies) gardeners from southern Wisconsin to northwest Indiana will also find the information in this book relevant to growing conditions in their areas.

With a conversational style, practical charts, illustrations and useful tips, Fearless Food Gardening presents all the information your gardening expert friend would want you to know about organic gardening in an urban environment. Using a calendar-like approach to garden planning and planting, the book tackles important questions like:

“What should I plant, and when? How do I build a raised bed? Where should I position my garden and my plants to get the most sun? What plants give me the biggest bang for my buck? What do we really mean by organic gardening, and why does it matter? How do I protect my plants from cold weather?” Fearless Food Gardening also includes mouthwatering recipes using foods from the garden.

Order now for $19.95 from or (after Dec. 6). For more information, visit