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New Preferred Customer Program from Pangea Organics

The Organic Loyalty Program for preferred customers’ loyalty rewards them with Pangea Organics products at a discount of 15 percent off for auto-shipped orders and free shipping. Auto-shipped orders are sent automatically at a frequency determined by the customer. The products ordered and shipment frequency can be changed at any time.

Local Pangea representative Melissa Heckart says that the company has a firm commitment to the use of organic or wildcrafted ingredients and protection of the environment in the manufacturing process.

Crafted in small batches, using pure, organic ingredients that replenish the skin and soothe or stimulate the senses, Pangea Organics products are preserved using the gentlest of methods to retain the nurturing properties of the botanicals in each customized blend. They are intentionally sourced from organic farmers through fair trade practices whenever possible.

For more information, call 773-517-0358, email [email protected] or visit