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Learn Beginning Shiatsu the Authentic Way

Zen Shiatsu Chicago is offering Beginning Zen Shiatsu classes that start January 9 at the school’s Evanston campus. When students register for the class or enroll in the Shiatsu Certification program prior to December 31, they will receive a free, 90-minute treatment with Program Director Steve Rogne.

He says, “Shiatsu students learn to read the messages the body has to tell them at a very deep level. You learn practical ways to manage your health and respond to the symptoms you’re experiencing. Beyond that, we learn to view our symptoms and discomforts as teachers. By listening to our bodies, we can figure out what’s next for our spiritual growth and evolution and resolve tensions related to family, relationships, career, internal motivations and all the stuff of life. In our 90-minute treatment, students have that experience. Combined with the information from the Beginning Zen Shiatsu class, this becomes a truly life-changing experience.”

Location: 825 Chicago Ave., Evanston. For more information, call 847-864-1130 or visit to enroll.