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Green Cleaning Service: Provides Options for Busy Families

Nov 26, 2013 11:23AM ● By Megy Karydes

Photo courtesy of Maid Brigade

The health benefits of having a clean home include removing dust and allergens, but many cleaning products present health and environmental concerns and both acute and chronic health problems. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences cites dermatitis, asthma and hormonal system (endocrine) disruption. Maid Brigade, serving families in the northwest suburbs, Lake County and Western DuPage, offers an eco-friendly and healthier alternative green cleaning service.

“Maid Brigade is the only cleaning company that is Green Clean Certified,” says Tammy Dunbar, office manager for Maid Brigade, of Chicago. “That, in itself, was very difficult to achieve with products that contain many chemicals, bleach or harsh odors.”

Maid Brigade uses products that are good for the environment and healthy for their clients, and many customers choose the company’s team of maids because they suffer from allergies or have young children or elderly members in the family that don’t want to be exposed to the harsh chemicals often found in traditional cleaning supplies.

One innovative way that Maid Brigade accomplishes a thorough cleaning without the use of harmful products is through the use of steam. “Believe it or not, steam can remove many germs from your home,” explains Dunbar. “We use a steam system called VapurClean, which deep-cleans and disinfects kitchens, bathrooms, counters, floors, upholstery and every other surface in your home, using only water and steam.”

Another benefit of using a green cleaning service like Maid Brigade is saving time. “At Maid Brigade, we always say that cleaning is a part-time job, and your time is valuable,” notes Dunbar.” “In this day and age, where usually both parents work and kids are involved in many activities, it’s hard to find time or want to find the time to clean your home. We have found that if a customer gets comfortable with us and their team, they want nothing else but Maid Brigade. Part of the reason is because many of our maids have been with us for more than five years and several have been with us for more than 10 years. Many customers provide a key or garage code, so timing is never an issue. They are secure with knowing who the maids are that come into their home and love coming home to a clean house after a long day at work.”

“We can give an estimate right over the phone,” says Dunbar. “We ask very specific questions about their home, such as how many rooms they have, the square footage and other details, in order to provide a thorough estimate, range of time and cost to complete the cleaning.

Each cleaning is specific to our customer’s needs. “Two days prior to the cleaning, we provide a two-hour arrival window either by text, email or phone call. The first clean is a deep clean from top to bottom, left to right. We get all the nooks and crannies, wash baseboards and windowsills and so much more, so that we can maintain the house to a clean standard on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.” They also email customers a terms and condition letter explaining what was discussed again in detail so there are no surprises and the customer is fully informed.

The maids bring all their own cleaning products including micro-fiber cloths and vacuums. If there is ever an issue, they will return within 24 hours to ensure a client is satisfied with the services.

“We are the largest Maid Brigade in Illinois,” notes Dunbar. “We have received a Super Service Award from Angie’s List in 2012 and we believe we will achieve it again this year.”

Throughout the year, Maid Brigade offers discounts and specials via email, such as 50 percent off for refrigerator cleaning or BOGO specials. “We care about our current customers and always try our best to accommodate their busy schedules, or they wouldn’t be using our services,” says Dunbar.

To learn more about Maid Brigade of Chicago, call 847-253-9800 or visit

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