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New Book Explains Thai Massage as a Healing Art

One of the fastest-growing healing modalities in the West, traditional Thai massage, is a balanced blend of physical, energetic and spiritual healing techniques and concepts. It is the skillful combination of applying broad and targeted acupressure, finding and dissolving blockages in the body’s network of energy lines, opening and toning the body with yoga-like stretches and allowing and encouraging the receiver to engage in a process of self healing, relaxation, and renewal.

Findhorn Press has just released Thai Massage & Thai Healing Arts, by Bob Haddad, a registered Thai therapist and director of Thai Healing Alliance International. Haddad’s book presents information about spiritual, cultural and practical aspects of traditional Thai massage that have never before been available in print. It also includes essays on breath and body mechanics, acupressure concepts and techniques, ways to use the feet creatively, herbal compress therapy, self-protection techniques, body language and Thai element theory.

Additionally, it presents writings about traditional Thai healers, magic incantations and sacred tattoos; Buddhist influence in Thai massage; and accessory modalities such as tok sen (hammering therapy) and reusi dat ton (traditional Thai self-stretching exercises). There are also accounts from Thai therapists and teachers around the world that offer unique perspectives on their study, experiences and work in traditional Thai massage and Thai healing arts.

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