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Map a New 2014 Reality in Evanston Program

Dr. Therese Rowley

Dr. Therese Rowley radically moves her audiences’ perspectives by revealing the map of reality she sees and experiences as a skilled intuitive, medium and healer. As CEO of Accelerated Alignment, Rowley has facilitated transformation for business leaders and their companies, individuals on a spiritual path and parents of spiritually/intuitively gifted children. Rowley will present a program, Mapping a New Reality: Full Speed Ahead, from 2 to 5 p.m., January 11, at Heaven Meets Earth Yoga, in Evanston.

Participants will ground their 2014 Map of Reality energetically and intentionally. Ancestral influences, as well as feminine/masculine energies, will move into balance and alignment through exercises and stories that offer insight and inspiration. Rowley’s map of reality starts from the soul level and coherently connects and transforms spiritual, psychological and emotional components that are at the root of persistent challenges. 

Rowley states, “Each of us holds a personal map of reality. It includes the world we desire for ourselves and our loved ones, as well as a hidden map that influences our choices, and may even sabotage the fulfillment of what we want or what we attract.”

Rowley has read and facilitated healing and alignment for individuals from grade school through adulthood, and brings unusual insight into the phenomenon of what she calls “multi-sensory kids.”

Cost is $40 and includes a copy of Dr. Rowley’s book, Mapping a New Reality: Discovering Intuitive Intelligence. Location: 2746 Central St. For more information, call 847-475-1500 or visit