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Local Food Patriots Film Seeks Grassroots Distribution and Sponsorship

Food Patriots, a new documentary film and public engagement campaign premiering in Chicago the week of February 19, is available for community screenings. The locally based Food Patriots group wants to disseminate Food Patriots throughout the Chicago area so people can watch it in the context of their own communities. Schools, colleges, community organizations, chefs, businesses and faith groups are all planning events to shine a spotlight on local initiatives.

Screening kits include the 73-minute film, a discussion guide and event promotion materials.

The movie begins with a wakeup call, because the filmmakers’ son became ill after consuming chicken contaminated with a superbug, and as a result, antibiotic treatment failed. The film chronicles the family’s newfound interest in food sources, getting “outlaw” chickens and discovering the social movement that is changing the way America eats. They call the people that are doing this work “food patriots”.

To find a nearby screening event, book a screening or watch the trailer, visit

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