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Natural Awakenings Chicago

Greet Spring at Camp Rawnora Maple Event

Jan 27, 2014 04:41PM

Camp Rawnora, a plant-based wellness retreat center, opens for the season on March 19 with a five-day Maple Water Fast to greet the spring and honor our personal health. It will be conducted by Rawnora’s Chef Adam Graham.

Guests will arrive in the evening and enjoy a light dinner while learning about the benefits and procedures of the fast. Maple water, or sap, is the filtered living water drawn up by maple trees during the spring thaw and then cooked down to make maple syrup. In its unadulterated form, maple sap is about 97 percent water and only 3 percent sugar. This makes for a delicious, hydrating, mineral-rich living drink.

Yoga, trails, horses and relaxation are all part of the experience. Spa treatments will be available during this event by advance appointment. Services include massage, reflexology, colon hydrotherapy and a far-infrared sauna.

Location: 9325 Dwight Boyer Rd., Watervliet, MI. For more information, call 269-463-4444, email [email protected] or visit