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Who Doesn’t Like a Chocolate Event?

Eat Chocolate, Be Skinny tour seminars, with founder Valerie Beck, will be held at 6 p.m., February 19, at Argo Tea, 140 South Dearborn, in Chicago, and 6 p.m., March 7, at Toni Patisserie, 65 East Washington, in Chicago. At the seminars, she will relate the details of her unique weight-loss plan, which includes chocolate. “I eat artisan chocolate instead of commercial chocolate, and live a healthy lifestyle,”  says Beck.

Her tips on a healthy mind, body and soul for the new year are presented in a fun and uplifting way, including the number one ingredient to beware of in commercial chocolate; how to identify the right kind of artisan chocolate; how to maximize chocolate’s health benefits; how to avoid GMOs and artificial ingredients; what “natural” ingredients really are; and more.

Beck started offering her signature guided walking and tasting tours to selected chocolate shops and cafes in Chicago in 2005, after first conceiving of the idea years before while on a college trip to Paris. She now conducts tours in Geneva, Illinois, as well as Boston and Philadelphia.

Tickets are $20, including refreshments. For more information, call 312-929-2939 or email [email protected]. Visit