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Natural Awakenings Chicago

Maitreya Brings Ageless Wisdom Teachings to the World

Mar 26, 2014 11:03AM

Betsy Whitfill

Spiritual teacher Maitreya, whose mission is to function as a world teacher for all humanity, will begin his mission publicly when invited by humanity, through the world’s major media, to speak on Declaration Day.

Share International’s work is to awaken people to this historic opportunity to save the world through expressing love and to inform all peoples of their roles in blessing the world and hastening Declaration Day. This spring, notices are being published across the U.S. in a campaign of awakening that also detail free public presentations in many cities and towns, offering clarification and insight and answering questions regarding Maitreya’s mission.

“In order for humanity to survive, we as a family need to make the conscious decision to learn to cooperate and share resources so that all may live in dignity,” says Betsy Whitfill, correspondent for Share International magazine. “Maitreya stimulates that divine spark within each of us, and offers us the wisdom and experience of the ages. His teachings will engage your heart. It will fire your imagination and restore your purpose for living.”

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