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Sampsons Offers All- Natural Moisturizers

“The Marisol family of moisturizing products is made entirely with natural ingredients,” says Sampsons All Natural company President Pete Sampson. None of the products contain perfume, chemicals, dyes, preservatives or other synthetic additives. Each ingredient is carefully chosen for its potential benefit to skin, and they make all of their products in small batches so they can control the quality.

All the words in the ingredients list of the Wisconsin company’s products are pronounceable for two reasons: first, all of the scents are from essential oils, which means they are extracted from natural sources and are not concocted in a laboratory; secondly, the products do not contain water, because once water is added to the moisturizing oils, two or more additional ingredients are needed: emulsifiers, to stop the water and the oil from separating, and preservatives to discourage the growth of harmful bacteria.

Sampson adds, “Our idea of a preservative is vitamin E, and you’ll never read an article in the The New York Times explaining how Sampsons All Natural is reformulating its products to get rid of bad preservatives. However, that newspaper in January reported that Johnson & Johnson was reformulating its baby shampoo, of all things, to get rid of formaldehyde and other things we don’t want on our skin, and we’re certain you don’t want on yours.”

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