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Celebrate World Tai Chi and Qigong Day

Elizabeth Wenscott

Many people have considered doing tai chi or qigong, but can’t decide which would be better for them. The Tai Chi Center of Chicago is inviting the public to learn more about both of these profound, ancient practices for World Tai Chi and Qigong Day on April 26.

Similar in many ways, tai chi and qigong are both energy practices that provide long-term health benefits, yet there are some important differences to consider. Qigong is generally simpler, enabling one to learn the form in a few weeks of practice. Most qigong forms do not have a martial arts application, but are practiced for general health and well-being. Specific qigong forms have been developed for cancer, digestive disorders, back problems, arthritis and other ailments.Tai Chi Center Chicago

Tai chi, the “supreme ultimate”, is a deep and rich practice known throughout the world for both its martial arts and health components. Learning and perfecting the sequence of postures and adding individual expression can take many years.

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