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Natural Awakenings Chicago

Be Inspired to Lead for a Sustainable Future

Mar 26, 2014 11:03AM

Leadership Transformed 2014, sponsored by Greenheart Transforms and ITP International, will be held from May 30 to June 2 at Loyola University, in the heart of downtown Chicago. By integrating keynotes from social visionaries and entrepreneurs, dyad and small group exercises, mindful movement, play and celebration, the retreat focuses on how we can all be positive forces for change in the world through peace-seeking communications, radical inclusion of others and building communities that foster a spirit of acceptance, transformative learning and practice, mutual support and evolutionary love.

Retreat leaders include Emanuel Kuntzelman, founder and president of Greenheart International; and Pamela Kramer, president of ITP International. Guest speakers include Katia Petersen, Ph.D., executive director of education for the Institute of Noetic Sciences; Penney Peirce, author, lecturer, counselor, trainer and pioneer in the intuition development movement; and Rachel Hamilton, accomplished actor, improviser, storyteller, director and Emmy-nominated writer.

Early bird rates by Apr. 16: single occupancy $927, double occupancy $727, day pass $337. For more information, call 312-264-1696 or email [email protected]. Register at