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Connect Mind and Body at Lindenhurst Health & Fitness Center

Lindenhurst HFC offers a wide variety of yoga and Pilates classes that facilitate the mind-body connection. The center, affiliated with Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital, has just added private yoga personal training sessions, ideal for someone looking to specifically work on an area of pain or discomfort that may require extra attention. Private yoga also allows the seasoned student to take their practice to the next level.

A private session provides the opportunity to modify poses and create sequences with optimal benefits for individual needs. Many hands-on adjustments are made, allowing complete awareness of proper form and alignment.

HFC offers a wide variety of yoga classes for all levels, ranging from seated yoga to power yoga, as well as the new Aqua Yoga program. Held in a 92-degree warm water therapy pool, clients can enjoy the benefits of yoga with the gentleness of exercising in the water. The facility also offers Pilates mat-based classes and Pilates Reformer Personal Training sessions for an additional fee.

HFC also hosts a series of advanced educational training workshops geared to mind-body instructors, as well as to the community. One upcoming workshop will be held May 17 with Mary Samano, an experienced master trainer in the Chicago area. The workshop will focus on alignment in backbends and inversions. To register for the workshop, visit

Location: 3098 Falling Waters Blvd, Lindenhurst. For membership information, call 847-535-7601 or visit