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The Energy of Feng Shui and Women’s Health

Apr 25, 2014 01:08PM ● By Laurie Pawli

We would all likely want to wake up every morning with a new lease on life and feel the vibrant energy of good health oozing from every ounce of our bodies. By applying some basic principles of feng shui to our lives and our homes, we can do just that.

Feng shui is everywhere. It represents the wind and the water in our environment, in our homes and offices, and in our personal, vital energy, or qi. We can truly feel the difference when our space has the proper feng shui applied. Commonly referred to as the Chinese Art of Placement, this ancient concept of design and science come together to create the serenity that helps us function in a balanced rhythm.

The relationship between positioning furniture, the use of color and shape and the positive results that occur when implementing feng shui in our home is becoming well known. This is referred to as the physical, or “mundane”, aspect of feng shui. There is also the unseen, or “transcendental”, energy of feng shui that is created when we use our intentions to bring what we desire to life.

Specific areas of the home are related to mothers and women, and others are more father and male-related. Entering the front door, the space that specifically relates to women is the back right corner of the home, known in feng shui as the relationship area. Its energizing color is pink, with secondary colors of red or white. The relationship area is also represented by the Earth element, and the term “Mother Earth” connects us to this area of the home with feng shui. Perk up the female relationship energy by placing something pink in this area. Adding a piece of pink clothing to our wardrobe can also increase personal feminine vibrational energy.

A second area that relates to overall health is in the center of the house. This relates to the yin and yang, often referred to as the tai chi, and balances the entire home. The yin represents the female energy and the yang represents the male energy; when combined properly, they provide a perfect balance in our homes. The colors associated with the center health area are gold and yellow, and this space relates to the Earth element, too. This is where we will find grounding and stabilizing energy for our health.

Feng shui principles propose that external movement creates an internal shift. By physically placing an object, we will feel the shift internally. Activate the Earth element for a positive influence on health by adding decorations that include some river rock, ceramic or terra cotta. For example, place yellow or gold flowers in a square shaped container with your own thoughts of creating positive health in life for perfect feng shui.

Here are three easy steps to add even more energy and health to life:

Let the Sunshine In!

Clean air in our homes allows us to breathe easier and sleep better. First, wash the windows. The windows of the home represent our eyes and the ability to have a fresh view on any situation. A good window washing will help us to see life more clearly. Then throw open the windows and let the fresh spring air in.

Refresh the Kitchen

Our food and our kitchen have a tremendous impact on creating positive health. Clean out that stove and fridge. Get rid of doggie bags that are hiding on the back shelf. The Chinese culture has a strong connection to how food is cooked and served, and how the qi (energy) is then transferred to our body. Smile and sing while preparing that gourmet dish. When the food is eaten, all of that happy, qi-ful energy, along with a great dinner, will provide additional nourishment for our body.

Clear the Mental Cobwebs

Do a 60-second breathing meditation to clear the corners of the mind. Close both eyes, inhale with three deep breaths, massage the temples, rub the outside of the ears and be grateful for the support of home while focusing on the path to good health.

Laurie Pawli is the Founder and Director of The Feng Shui School of Chicago, a recognized Gold Level School by the International Feng Shui Guild. She is a member of the Infinity Foundation faculty, a certified Feng Shui Consultant for 14 years, speaker and Membership Liaison for the International Feng Shui Guild. For more information, email [email protected] or visit