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The Adoption Process From A To Z

The Adoption Process From A to Z, a seminar presented by Chicago and Northbrook Attorney Sally Wildman, will be offered at the Edgebrook Public Library community meeting room from 2 to 3:30 p.m., Saturday, May 17.

If you consider adopting a child, know your options. Ms. Wildman helps you explore today’s world of adoption. She presents fundamentals of an adoption and legal steps required, with a focus on preparing you to adopt. She shares resources for selecting adoption agencies, community support organizations and related professionals. Discussion focuses on different types of adoption now available and how to initiate your search for an available child.

While Chair of the American Bar Association Adoption Committee in 1991 and 1992, Wildman initiated a bar association resolution urging Congress to enact benefits for adoptive families. The key benefit, a federal tax credit for adoption expenses, is now available to many families. As a member of American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, Wildman continues to advocate for national benefits for adoptive families.

Wildman has represented adopting parents in all types of adoptions used in Illinois practice. She participates in ongoing legislative review of Illinois adoption laws through Chicago Bar Association Adoption Law Committee. In addition to representing adopting parents, Wildman currently assists adult adopted persons who search for their biological family members.

Currently, access to birth family information has expanded for adopted adults. A growing trend in many states, Illinois law established an Adoption Registry, allowing adopted adults and their birth families to share family and updated medical information. Also, adopted adults born in Illinois can now apply for a copy of their original birth certificate by request to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Workshop admission is free. Location: 5331 Devon Ave., Chicago. For more information and to register, call 312-744-8313 or visit