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Chatto Wright Introduces New Frizz Control and Softener

Chatto Wright

Chatto Center for Natural Hair + Skin, Chicago’s premier eco-friendly salon, has been in the heart of the Gold Coast, on Oak Street, for the past 26 years. The salon has recently introduced Chatto Frizz Control Hair Softener, a new product for all hair types that helps control frizz, smooth color-dried hair and restore moisture and luster to color-treated and chemically damaged hair. This in-house-designed product creates volume and shine, smoothes frizzes and stops dryness instantly.

Salon owner Chatto Wright states, “As a multicultural, eco-friendly salon, free of chemicals, we are committed in providing the highest quality of service using our own natural and organic products in a comfortable atmosphere that benefits both you and the environment which we live.” Wright’s knowledge of the healing properties of natural ingredients began more than three decades ago in her native Ghana. Her subsequent work around the world has given her hands-on experience with all hair types. 

She says, “At Chatto, we create handmade products made from natural roots, essential oils, organic oils, herbs, plant extracts, fruit extracts and organic butters, which makes a majority of our products hypoallergenic, unlike many ordinary products.” Chatto has personally created their extensive line of products, which can be used by all women and men no matter their hair types and textures, as well as all skin types.

Location: 65 E. Oak St., Chicago. For appointments and more information, call 312-640-0003 or visit