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Holistic Dentistry Involves the Whole Body

Apr 25, 2014 01:07PM ● By Megy Karydes

Dr. Andie Pearson

Dr. Andie Pearson, owner of Gaiamed Dental Spa, in Wilmette, has chosen to practice dentistry the same way she lives her own life, and it hasn’t always been easy. The early days of holistic dental and medical care offered few options for education. There was also the challenge of being a renegade of sorts in the dental field because of an emphasis on eliminating mercury fillings and creating a healthier, alternative protocol to dental restoration and dental care.

Pearson says the biggest driving force behind her dedication and persistence in this field has always been its great unfulfilled need, but over the nearly 24 years of her holistic dental practice, many procedures have changed. Access to holistic educational opportunities  and training is much easier and more plentiful now. The battle against mercury fillings is ongoing, but conventional dentists are now using mercury fillings much less frequently simply because of their cosmetic appearance.

Pearson’s own approach to holistic dental care has also evolved. She says what started with safe mercury removal, a focus on healthy material replacement and non-surgical gum therapy in a relaxed safe place have evolved into the belief that there is more to holistic care than simply removing fillings and using eco-friendly supplies and soft lighting.

Pearson still feels that an environmentally safe, spa-like environment is important, though. “The phone call a patient makes to the office is when the treatments starts. The moment they walk through the door is when the next phase of the treatment begins,” she says. She strives to create an open, one-on-one line of communication, engaging the patient to participate in their own health care and advance toward greater wellness.

Her practice truly embodies the whole-body approach these days. Pearson believes that a full medical and dental picture is needed, along with a snapshot of a person’s personality, habits, likes, dislikes and even their birth history. Her ultimate goal is to achieve a complete state of balance for the patient.

“There are a great number of medical issues that affect and can damage dental health,” she explains. “There are now also many research results showing a direct relationship between critical health issues and a dental\oral bacterial origin. To not be involved in my dental patients’ medical state is to miss half of the diagnostic/treatment picture.”

Pearson’s services include complete family dental care, including cleanings, non-surgical gum care, fillings, crowns, implants, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, sports dentistry, natural facial rejuvenation and craniosacral therapy. Medical services not offered in the office are referred to a medical doctor or alternative practitioner. Pearson incorporates the result of those referrals to create the best whole-body dental care possible.

“In my travels through the process of creating and developing myself and my practice to serve in the field of whole-body care, it has sometimes been a hard and lonely road,” notes Pearson. “As I look back and see the wonderful lives I’ve touched and influenced, I know that it has all been worth it.”

Gaiamed Dental Spa is located at 929 Ridge Rd., in Wilmette. For more information, call 847-977-1655 or visit

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