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Plantopia Baskets Make Gardening Easy

Above: Before - Below: After

Plantopia hanging baskets revolutionize container planting by using innovative snap in/out panels that enable gardeners to add plants with no root disturbance and drastically reduce grow time. They are made in the USA by GAIM, a Chicago area company, from 100 percent recycled resins and can be reused year after year to gain results only professional growers usually obtain.

The baskets are as easy to use as a regular flowerpot, Plantopiawith eight openings and a one-inch water reservoir. Just fill the 14-inch-diameter basket with soil and insert up to eight, four-inch mature plants. Planting larger, more mature plants makes it easier to get a head start on seasonal bloomers, fruits and vegetables. The completed project also makes an attractive, decorative display.

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