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Opportunity to Learn Reiki From a Master of Masters

Janice Lodato, MA, RMT

Janice Lodato, MA, RMT, Reiki master of masters and NCBTMB-approved provider, is offering several opportunities to learn Reiki. A Reiki Clinic will be presented from 3 to 5 p.m., July 27 and August 24; then Reiki 2: Part 2, on July 13; and Reiki 1: Part 1, on September 13 and Part 2 on October 18.

Lodato explains, “What makes my practice unique is that there is a focus on teaching Reiki. To me, this is the most powerful way to access the energy of the universe. When we practice Reiki on ourselves each day, we are calmer, more centered and aware and we live from a place of love.”

She offers her instruction for bodyworkers, healthcare workers, busy parents and those living with acute diseases like cancer. Lodato says, “My students have developed a strong relationship with each other through our monthly Reiki clinic in Oak Park. Each month, we come together to offer Reiki to others and to support each other in our personal and professional lives.”

Location: 115 N. Marion St., Ste. 12, Oak Park. For more information, call 708-738-0438 or visit