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New Chicago Market Food Co-op Forming

In February 2013, environmental attorney Gregory Berlowitz asked his friends and neighbors if they’d be interested in helping him open a food cooperative to improve the variety and quality of local food, saying, “You know that smell that hits you at a farmers’ market? That earthy smell? That smell that screams, ‘This food is real and it’s going to taste great?’ I don’t get that experience at the local grocery store, and I’ve always wondered why. This is one of the reasons we started exploring a food cooperative in our neighborhood.” Initial meetings netted more than 150 interested people and Berlowitz realized there was enough interest to move forward.

Now, Chicago Market - A Community Co-op, projected to open in late 2015 on the city’s north side - has begun welcoming its first owners as part of a campaign to enlist 100 owners in 1,000 days, and momentum is already building. In addition to neighborhood support, partners around the city that include the Peterson Garden Project, SloFIG, Metropolis Coffee and Uncommon Ground have been jumping in to show their support.

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