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Using Ions to Improve Overall Health

Jul 25, 2014 05:14PM

Yasmine Ariel

Quantum Tech USA is a company that specializes in primarily mineral-based technology used to improve the body’s electromagnetic functioning and protect it from electromagnetic pollution. Yasmine Ariel, daughter of co-founders George Beasley and Tara Hall, now spearheads the company, working throughout the country and lecturing on breakthroughs in science, infrared energy and the effects of positive and negative ions.

Ariel will be speaking both days at the Body Mind Spirit in Expo, from August 16 to 17, in Skokie, addressing issues such as stress, pain, mental focus, mood, energy levels, healing time and overall health. We talked with Ariel about the basics of the body’s electromagnetic system and how it affects our overall health.

What is the electromagnetic system (EM) and why is it an essential component of our body’s function?

It’s common knowledge that there is an electrical component to the human body, often called the electromagnetic system. It is an essential part of our functioning because communication within the body occurs electromagnetically. Commands sent from the brain, intercellular communication between neurons and messages sent through the nervous system are all EM transmissions. In order for the body to accomplish what it›s trying to do, which is to regenerate and heal itself, it›s essential that communication be open.

What frequencies are beneficial to our bodies? 

Many frequencies have been used for therapeutic purposes. Our bodies have evolved to function most efficiently when exposed to healthy Earth frequencies. With the advent of modern technology and urban development, these healthy frequencies have been diminished and distorted by external signals from technologies, thereby unbalancing our own bodies’ frequency.

How do positive and negative ions affect the body?

We thrive when exposed to an abundance of negative ions; circulation and oxygenation increase, healing is accelerated, mental acuity is sharpened, cells metabolize more effectively and mood and stamina improve. Functioning in general becomes more efficient. When we are exposed to an overabundance of positive ions, the opposite occurs. The body’s EM field is thrown out of balance, commands sent within the body are distorted, the immune system is compromised, people become fatigued, migraines and bronchial issues become common and our ability to heal is slowed.

What research has been done in this area? 

EM is a highly researched area of science, and thousands of scientific documents have been published exploring the relationship between electromagnetic fields and biological entities. based on studies done by scientists all over the world in academic and medical research facilities for commercial industry and the military. For example, the Toyota corporation has done interesting experiments exploring how negative ions affect stamina, focus and split-second reaction time with test drivers, and the military has experimented to gauge how negative ions affect the mood of soldiers.

What are some simple, inexpensive ways that people can limit their exposure to positive ions and increase negative ions?

Positive ions are being emitted by all of our electronics, and as they become more powerful and portable, our exposure has been increasing. The simplest way to correct the imbalance is to employ devices that increase the number of negative ions in the environment. You can use shields over a computer screen to minimize pollution, place EMF-reducing plugs into electrical sockets or install more comprehensive systems that run through a building’s breaker box.

Many beneficial minerals have electromagnetic properties. Tourmaline is a mineral that generates negative ions and germanium has been found to make them available to the body when in close proximity; carbonized titanium makes electromagnetic transmission more efficient. Many EMF-reducing products contain these minerals. 

What technologies have been developed to improve the body’s EM system and how do they work?

There are electronic devices that release negative ions into the atmosphere; electromagnetic air and water purifiers; necklaces and bracelets that include EMF-reducing minerals; frequency technology that can be comfortably worn; and high-tech fabrics that utilize the same principles incorporated into back belts and compression supports. There are even powerful massage wands that help relieve pain and accelerate healing. They work in different ways to accelerate and support our own body’s EM functioning.

Quantum Tech USA is based in Bloomington, IN. For more information, call 812-287-8336 or visit