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Natural Awakenings Chicago

Finding Peace and Harmony in Everyday Life

Aug 25, 2014 10:38PM

Sheree Nathanson

Certified Life Coach Sheree Nathanson has refocused her mission and launched a new company, Living in Harmony Life Coaching.

She states, “There are situations that turn up in our lives that make us feel unhappy or out of harmony with ourselves. Whatever form turns up, I’m here to support you to create a life with more satisfaction, more meaning and purpose. As a facilitator I can guide you to break through mental blocks which will allow you to create an internal calm and peacefulness in your life.”

Nathanson believes that everyone has the ability to activate the power of their visions and goals and to increase their satisfaction, confidence, energy and fun. Each 60-minute session addresses what living in harmony means, what is blocking it and creating strategies to build a life full of harmony.

Nathanson is available via phone, Skype and in person, and offers a free, one-hour consultation for new clients.

For more information, call 847-274-8696, email [email protected] or visit