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Stop the Madness and Keep Illinois Frack-Free

Fracking has been shown in some states to be related to water contamination, air pollution, workers’ deaths and health effects, earthquakes, dumping and spilling of toxic waste water, regulatory corruption and worsening climate change. Frack Free Illinois works for renewable energy and energy efficiency, and to limit the dangerous effects of fracking. These dangers are well documented online at

Fracking is going to be rolled out throughout Southern and Central Illinois. Springfield passed what Frack Free Illinois believes to be an insufficient regulatory bill and the final rules, based on that bill, are pending. It is not too late to slow or stop this dangerous extraction method from ruining our farmland and sickening our residents, says organizer Dr. Lora Chamberlain.

Membership in Frack Free Illinois is free, and the group holds weekly conference calls at 8 p.m. Sunday nights. Call-in numbers are posted each Sunday on its Facebook page, along with informative articles and actions.

For more information, email organizer Dr. Lora Chamberlain at [email protected] or visit and