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Manage Stress with the Crossinology Brain Integration Technique

Shelby Kremin

Shelby Kremin is a practitioner trained in Crossinology Brain Integration Technique, a revolutionary form of energy work which is a drug-free, non-invasive, restorative approach to healing. She uses the acupressure meridian system and applied kinesiology during treatment sessions designed to permanently eliminate ADD, ADHD, allergies, anxiety, stress, dyslexia, mental fogginess and PTSD.

Crossinology also helps improve memory, concentration, attention, math, spelling, reading, writing, vision performance, planning, multitasking, physical performance, coordination, emotional control, stress management, social interaction abilities, effects of trauma and phobias.

Other areas treated by Kremin include chronic back or joint pain weakness, sports performance and injuries, head trauma due to a stroke or car accident, weak bladder, candida clearing, correction of imbalances with hormones, glands, chakras and neurotransmitters, meridian balances and viral and bacterial infection clearing. She promises that patients will feel a positive difference in just one session, leaving her office feeling relaxed and stress-free.

Natural Awakenings readers receive a free consultation during November. Location: HealthSmart, 2565 Shermer Rd., Northbrook. For more information, call 312-342-3077 or visit