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LoxaSperse Assists in Delivery of Needed Medications

Those suffering from chronic, recurrent or resistant sinus infections may want to talk to their doctor about a compounding pharmacy prescription that includes LoxaSperse, an innovative powder base used in compounding nasal nebulizations and irrigations. This new pharmaceutical base allows for multiple active ingredients—such as antibiotics, steroids, antihistamines, antifungals and anesthetics—to be incorporated into a single dosage form, making it easier to deliver the medication directly to the site of infection, making it a more effective form of sinus infection treatment.

LoxaSperse improves the antimicrobial performance of active ingredients; allows for multi-drug therapy combinations, giving doctors more power to customize medications and simplify therapy regimens; enables an extended expiration date and allows the dry powder formulations to not have to be refrigerated; and increases activity against biofilms, a leading cause of recurrent nasal infections.

Potential uses of LoxaSperse may include, but are not limited to, nasal nebulization, irrigations and solutions, inhalation solutions, wound irrigations and wound powders. Prescriptions that include LoxaSperse are available through a compounding pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription.

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