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Amour de la Terre Provides the Finest in Ethical Gifting

Amour de la Terre opened in August as Chicago’s—and the nation’s—first all-vegan/eco-friendly/ethically produced boutique for shoes and accessories. Owner Alisha Kettner says, “Our boutique was built using bamboo for flooring and shelving. Our shopping bags are made from 100 percent recycled materials and our gift cards are made of birch wood from sustainable forests, with no PVC plastic.”

An animal lover, self-proclaimed “eco-nerd” and vegan, Kettner discovered there were no options for cruelty-free and environmentally friendly shoes in Chicago, but that great suppliers do exist. All of the products at Amour de la Terre are from companies that produce ethically, with no child labor or sweatshop labor. The shop carries stylish and comfortable shoes for women, men and children.

“We have some brands that no one else in the country carries,” says Kettner. Swedish Stockings is the world’s only eco-stocking/pantyhose/tights company that exists, and we are the first in the U.S. to carry them.” Accessories such as belts, purses and hats include eco-friendly Vaute Couture. They also carry Scotch brand nail polish that is vegan, toxin-free and biodegradable, and Hurraw lip balms that use all organic, raw ingredients.

Location: 130 N. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park. For more information, call 708-613-4098 or visit