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All-Natural Antler Chews Now Delivered by the Northshore Pet Chef

Dogs will enjoy hours and even months of entertainment and healthy oral exercise with a clean, all-natural indoor chew made from deer and elk antlers. Northshore Pet Chef Rob Freeman says, “For dogs that love to chew, these naturally shed antlers are a great stress release and will keep the dog occupied and out of trouble.”

Antler chews don’t smell, break or stain carpets. Plus, antlers are mineral-rich, containing calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and sodium. Whole antlers last a very long time and help keep dogs’ teeth clean and healthy. “Deer antlers and elk antlers are all naturally U.S. sourced and collected after live animals shed them, so no harm is done to any animals in retrieving these great chews,” says Northshore Pet ChefFreeman.

Northshore Pet Chef offers local delivery of fresh, healthy, all-natural food for dogs and cats, including grain-free, right to the door. Also available for delivery are all-natural treats and gift boxes, healthy pet supplements, organic catnip and chemical-free cat litter.

For more information and the delivery area, call 847-920-4738 or visit