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Triumph in the Face of Adversity

Jenny Mandell and trainer

Jenny Mandell is the founder and president of Break4Health, said to be the first health studio in the U.S. to combine the latest technologies proven to help reverse osteoporosis, improve balance and increase strength.

Coping daily with the effects of multiple sclerosis (MS) herself, Mandell states, “We believe that many chronic diseases can be prevented, delayed or alleviated through the reconditioning of our muscular, skeletal and neurological systems. The greatest barriers to effective reconditioning are access to the modalities with the greatest efficacy and the time that it takes to complete the therapy.” Mandell adds that Break4Health’s programs require a minimal amount of time, “while utilizing the best-quality and most effective technology available.”

The studio focuses on clients that want a natural solution to address osteoporosis, as well as those looking for an alternative to going to a gym in order to improve their strength or balance. There is even a program that addresses multiple sclerosis. At Break4Health, two modalities offer a non-pharmaceutical treatment in only five to 10 minutes per week. The bioDensity machine improves bone density, muscle density and overall strength, while the Power Plate machine employs whole-body vibration to improve balance, flexibility and strength.

Break4Health’s system is natural and complementary to existing well-care programs. The staff works with a variety of clients: from those with chronic conditions, neuromuscular and nerve disease, osteoporosis, coordination and balance issues, to athletes looking to improve their game and individuals looking to increase daily muscle strength.

“My objective in life is to help people become aware of the alternatives in treatment for different disorders and to inform them that it doesn’t take six to eight hours per week to stay fit and healthy, along with feeling relief from multiple sclerosis symptoms,” says Mandell. “My largest achievements to this day are my three beautiful children and having the ability to manage my MS. Because of Break4Health’s program, maintaining strength and control over my body comes easier these days.”

For a free assessment, call 312-909-6343. Break4Health locations are in Northbrook, Chicago, Oak Park and Schaumburg. For more information and to register online, visit

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