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Natural Awakenings Chicago

New One-Stop Holistic Wellness Destination in Oak Park

Jan 27, 2015 10:32PM

Chiquita Davis and Marta Zielinska

Awaken Your Spirit Massage & Energy Work and Embrace Your Journey Life Coaching have joined forces to provide a holistic means to nurture and heal the mind, body and spirit in one location at 319B Harrison Street, in Oak Park.

Massage therapist Marta Zielinska and life coach Chiquita Davis share a mission to support humanity in achieving optimal health and overall wellness. Their dynamic combination of body work, meditation and personal guidance cultivates synergy, balancing the emotional and physical.

They believe that a healthy mind, body and spirit leads to making healthy choices, creating a loving, peaceful environment, and also allows us to harness the body’s magnificent self-healing abilities. Davis and Zielinska say that all people should have access to resources that explore alternative methods of restoring balance to the body. Their comprehensive, holistic approach to health and wellness ignites clients’ consciousness to their innate wisdom. They meet every third Wednesday of the month for a fun and informative wellness workshop.

For more information, call 708-434-5370 or visit